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The Orli Fangirl
Sometimes I think you people don't love me nearly enough. *cries*

Oh well. Here's picspam.

Huge, but OMG so worth it!!!!1~!Collapse )


Yes I know it's not that new a picture, but it's still pretty and yummy and omgorlisquee! Mebbe I'll post something new tomorrow.

If I feel like it.

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1 fangirl said OMGORLI!!!
I still think he was hottest when he had short hair, but I kinda like the curls too.

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4 fangirls said OMGORLI!!!
But someone seems to think I am.

Apparently the circle_jerkers are bored and decided they want to ruin the fandom some more. Whatever.

*sticks head back in sand*

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I know I've been offline a long time. But so have the rest of you fangirls! Where are you guys anyway? I miss you guys! *looks around*

Anyway, I know some of you will appreciate these. Normally, I'm all about the Orli, but... OMGDOM.

Wasn't he hot? Like a rockstar! Yummy. And he got to kiss my boy! See?

I think I'm kind of jealous of both of them. OMGDOMORLI. OMGORLIDOM. OMGDORLI. Dom and Orli snogging aoihjflasjdf;l. OMG I think I need to go read some fic.

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2 fangirls said OMGORLI!!!
So I got the new Flaunt magazine, and there's all these hawt HAWWWWWT pictures of Orlando in it. *drool* I think I died. I died, and I'm in heaven now, cause these are sooooo hawwwwwwwt. Yep. No other explanation for it.

Check the cover out OMG *THUD*Collapse )

Ooh, and check out my new icon! *points* 'Cause he is, and you know it.

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10 fangirls said OMGORLI!!!
Have any of you read this yet? It's kinda boring, because it's about one of those silly little hobbits. Anyway, it says whoever it is is getting married.

Yes, it seems that wedding-bells may be in order for the very same hobbit who has immortalised himself on film in such a memorable way.

See? It says hobbit! Thank God, cause if it had said "elf" I would have had a freaking heart attack. Orlando's still a free agent! Woohoo! I'm soooo gonna marry him someday! OMGMRSORLI!!!!1!!!!!ONE!!!

This new pic has been going around LJ and I decided it just begged to be iconned! Come to think of it, every picture of this man begs to be iconned...

Don't you just want to lick that milk mustache right off of his upper lip? Mmm...

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I'm declaring today Orlando day. I wish I had some new pics of teh pretteh to celebrate with. I've seen all the old ones already. What I'd really love is for him to pose with wings, like a faerie. I love faeries, and he'd make such a pretteh one.

5 fangirls said OMGORLI!!!
I finally got the new Details that has teh pretteh pictures of Orli (guh!) in it. He should have been on the cover I think, but anyways. Pretteh. *drool*

I bring you teh pretteh. OMGORLI!11!!!!!!!1!Collapse )


Also, I figured out how to use FTP this morning all by myself! I r0x0rZ!!11! Bwahahahahahah!

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1 fangirl said OMGORLI!!!
Ok, so I took a nap today, and I had the BESTEST. DREAM. EVAR. OMGTEHSQUEE. Anyway, I was gonna just tell you the dream, but then I guess I was inspired by all the wonderful wing!fic I've been reading, and I decided to write a story instead. The title of the story is in Spanish, as a tribute to Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, who writes magical realism just like wing!fic. If you don't know him, check him out. He wrote that book that was in Serendipity, that movie with Kate Beckinsale, who did a Gap commercial with Orlando OMGTEHSQUEE! OMGORLI!!! So anyway, here's my first attempt at a wing!fic. I hope you guys don't hate it.

Title: El niño hermoso con un miedo grande del sol
Character: Orli
Disclaimer: Just a dream, didn't happen, isn't real!
Rating: G
Read more...Collapse )

Anyway, here's what I saw in my dream:



Also a bunch of my friends are sad because hollyweirdos, a board they liked to post at, got shut down. I never posted there, but I guess if they're sad, I'm sad too.

But OMG! WING!ORLI!!! OMGORLI!!! *teh squee*

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